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Lubricant oil Container

Major types of can 20L Pail can, 18L square can, 6L square can, 4L square can, 4
Standards of containers -
Main partners SK Energy, STLC, GS Caltex Oil etc.

Product description

These are industrial containers for lubricant oil, grease and hydraulic oil.

We manufacture 20 L pail containers for general lubricant, rug covers for highly viscous content like grease, and band-type 20 L pails and 15 kg containers.

We can also supply 4L containers for engine oils and 1 L ~ 6 L plastic engine oil containers.

Volume: 20 L ~ 4 L

Main material: Tin-plated steel plates

Plating quantity: 10 ~ 50 (1.0 g ~ 5.6 g/㎡)

Container thickness: 0.25 ~ 0.45 mm

Print specification: Please consult (White coating, 4 primary colors + spot color, lacquer, varnish)

Container specification: Please refer to link

※ Blow-molding plastic container

Container type : 1 L ~ 6 L

Specification : Custom made for Containers, labels, and lid

Note : We can design and supply various types of plastic containers and lids.

        Please inquire details to the salesperson in charge.